I’m a Life Coach and a therapist.  I have based my blog on the experiences I have had with my clients over the past 18 years.

I help people get through and get beyond their break up or divorce by helping them understand how their behavior and intentions create relationship  failure.

When we are not aware of  what we unconsciously believe about relationships, we end up attracting what we fear, what we loathe and what we don’t want in a relationship.

I’m not too interested in couples counseling.  I’ve had too many couples come into therapy hoping I will convince their partner to see things their way and change.

Instead, I’m focused on how my clients can make changes, recognize themes and cycles they repeat in the relationships that cause heartache.

Education-wise, I have a PhD in psychology and am a licensed clinical social worker.  I was certified as a Life Coach by Martha Beck Inc in June this year.

I hope you like this blog.  I would love feed back and your stories of relationships, both failures and success.



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